Name: Volvo Animations Client: PHM Group / Volvo Cars Website: Volvo Cars

A short demo reel of some of the animations created for Volvo/PHM Group.

Each animation explains the features and benefits of a particular vehicle function. Designed to be used all over the world, these short feature and benefit videos are created without voice or on-screen text, allowing markets to adapt them as they see fit. To further add flexibility, I designed the ‘generic’ Volvo vehicle, with support from Volvo Design Studio. Having a generic vehicle allows the animations to be used across models as well as territories.

As Creative Director and lead artist for PHM, I took these videos from concept to completion, including R&D, script-writing, storyboarding, animatic production, animation, edit and post-production, creating over 80 videos, for almost 2 hours of full-CG material in total.
Animated in Cinema 4D, rendered in Octane.

Example animations: Lane Keeping Aid, Road Edge Detection and Internal Air Quality System.